Roadmap is wrong

The use of the roadmap analogy has always bothered me in terms of technology development. A map provides static information. So “creating a roadmap” really indicates the creation of static data. A map has no direction, no velocity, but simply shows all possible options and directions for travel. It’s the traveler that makes the interesting decisions from the roadmap, based on their interests and needs. Say you want to go from Denver to San Diego. You’d look at a map and be able to determine that you’d go in a southwesterly direction for approximately 1,100 miles. Maps tell location, they don’t provide goals. You provide the goal. So you’d ask yourself “What do I want to see on the trip? Zion or Petrified Forest National Park? Vegas or Santa Fe?…
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Step One: Claim your domain

We've been working on the idea offline for a while, and finally decided to push forward. But the biggest hangup so far has been getting a domain name. Thanks to squatters, most of the one- and two-word combinations have been snapped up. Since we're launching on a shoestring, we don't have the budget to buy a multi-thousand dollar domain from the start. So we had to have a brainstorming session and come up with a similar themed name and press on.
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Who We Are

Hi, and welcome to the TokenPile blog. In the upcoming weeks and months, we hope to be able to provide some insight into our development, lessons learned, and, hopefully, sucesses. Right now we're planning to launch our demo in a few weeks, with beta testing to follow. Stay tuned!  
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