Embrace the Cloud

It’s been a little while since I posted, but we’re still moving along. One thing I’ve needed to learn is to let other people do the work. Don’t set up a Tomcat VM, use ElasticBeanstalk. Don’t set up a Mongo VM, use DynamoDB. Don’t require an authentication system, integrate with WordPress. By working with existing tools, you ensure they are set up right, eliminate the maintenance time, and streamline development and deployment. Recognizing that “You Aren’t Gonna Need It” takes some time and research, but ultimately saves development and regression time. So instead of diving into the minutia of Tomcat configuration, CORS, SSL, load balancing, security, etc. etc. etc., I can off-load that effort to pre-configured containers and work with them. Faster, more secure, better scaling. What’s not to like?

Profile pages are online, for content creators to share their links directly. Check out http://www.tokenpile.com/user/jon for my sample profile. You’ll be able to customize your profile with your own image and information, and accept tokens from there.

New version of the demo is coming soon, with mock-ups for payment processing. A lot of the work is currently on the back-end, but I want to keep the demo up to date with the latest features available. Stay tuned!